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Standard of the Siberian Husky
Approved by the American Kennel Club. October 8 1990
Effective November 28 1990  

Colour Guide/ Guida ai Colori

The Coat - the coat of the Husky is double and medium in length giving a well-furred appearance but is never so long as to obscure the clean cut outline of the dog. With proper care this double coated breed is suited to all kinds of environments from cold weather to deep snow to hot, humid days. In every case protection from extreme temperatures is ensured by the Husky's well insulated coat. The undercoat is soft and dense and of sufficient length to support the outer coat. The guard hairs of the outer coat are straight and somewhat smooth-lying, never harsh nor standing straight from the body. It should be noted that the absence of the undercoat during shedding period is normal. Trimming of the whiskers and fur between the toes and around the feet to present a neater appearance is permissible. Trimming of the fur on any other part of the dog is condoned and should be severely penalised.

The Colours - Huskies come in many colors and patterns, many are unique to the breed. Regardless of color, they usually sport white paws, legs, faces and tail tips. The most common Husky colors are black and white, gray and white, copper and white or pure white.

Faults - long; rough; shaggy; too harsh or too silky; trimming of the coat.

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