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Standard of the Siberian Husky
Approved by the American Kennel Club. October 8 1990
Effective November 28 1990  


Neck - medium in length, arched and carried proudly erect when dog is standing. When moving at a trot the neck is extended so that the head is carried slightly forward.

Faults - neck too short and thick, neck too long.

Shoulders - the shoulder blade is well laid back at an approximate angle of 45 degrees to the  ground. The upper arm angles slightly backward from the point of shoulder to elbow and is never perpendicular to the ground. The muscles and ligaments holding the shoulder to the rib cage are firm and well-developed.

Faults - straight shoulders; loose shoulders.

Chest - deep and strong but not too broad with the deepest point being just behind and level with the elbows. The ribs are well sprung from the spine but flattened on the sides to allow for freedom of action.

Faults - chest too broad, "barrel ribs", ribs too flat or weak.

Back - the back is straight and strong with a level topline from withers to croup. It is of medium length, neither cobby nor slack from excessive length. The loin is taut and lean, narrower than the rib cage and with a slight tuck-up. The croup slopes away from the spine at an angle, but never so steeply as to restrict the rearward thrust of the hind legs. In profile the length of the body from the point of the shoulder to the rear point of the croup is slightly longer than the height of the body from the ground to the top of the withers.

Faults - weak or slack back, roached back, sloping topline.

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