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Are you what your husky is looking for ?

The Siberian Husky is NOT a "starter" dog by any stretch of the imagination.  It's true, he's incredibly handsome and he trots like he's walking on clouds !  But don't forget this is also your double-dealing, over-demanding, hyper-intelligent, hot-footed, hair-shedding hunter-killer companion.   

Chosen by the the right people for the right reasons your husky is ready to guarantee you up to 15 years of love, loyalty and constant devotion.  But before charging off to the nearest husky pup kennel, STOP.  Take your time and consider both the advantages and disadvantages of this unusual breed.



If you're still convinced there's a husky out there with your name on his collar, be sure to go to a recognised breeder who can give you your husky pup's full family background and caring, professional, ongoing support.

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