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Standard of the Siberian Husky
Approved by the American Kennel Club. October 8 1990
Effective November 28 1990  

Legs and Feet

Forelegs - when standing and viewing from the front, the legs are moderately spaced, parallel, and straight with elbows close to the body and turned neither in nor out. Viewed from the side pasterns are slightly slanted with pastern joint strong but flexible. Bone is substantial but never heavy. Length of the leg from the elbow to the ground is slightly more than the distance from the elbow to the top of the withers. Dewclaws on forelegs may be removed.

Faults - weak pasterns; too heavy bone; too narrow or too wide in the front; out at the elbows.

Hindquarters - when standing and viewing from the rear the hind legs are moderately spaced and parallel.  The upper thighs are well muscular and powerful, stifles well bent, the hook joint well defined and set low to the ground. Dewclaws. if any, are to be removed.

Faults - straight stifles, hocks too narrow or too wide in the rear.

Feet - oval in shape but not long.  The paws are medium size, compact and well furred between toes and pads. The pads are tough and thickly cushioned. The paws neither turn in nor out when the dog is in natural stance.

Faults - soft or splayed toes; paws too large and clumsy; paws too small and delicate; toeing in or out.

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