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Standard of the Siberian Husky
Approved by the American Kennel Club. October 8 1990
Effective November 28 1990  

Temperament - the characteristic of the Husky is friendly and gentle but also alert and outgoing. He does not display the possessive qualities of a guard dog nor is he overly suspicious of strangers and aggressive with other dogs. Some measure of reserve and dignity may be expected in the mature dog. His intelligence, tractability and eager disposition make him an agreeable companion and willing worker.

His even temperament, love of other dogs and indifference to strangers makes him an ideal family dog. Their medium size makes Siberian Huskies appealing to apartment dwellers, but this may not be the best living situation for a Husky. Huskies have a zest for life that is unmatched by few breeds and need plenty of room to move about.  Every time a Husky is outside, it's as if it's his first time and well into adulthood Huskies play with the vigor of a puppy. They may seem like a good family dog for first time dog owners, but Huskies can often be “too much dog” for a novice. They require extensive training and exercise in order maintain good behavior and only those with the time and energy to fully commit to a Husky should take on this breed. But Husky owners agree, you get out of a Siberian Husky what you put into him, and these reliable dogs are worth the effort.

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