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He believes in dictatorships.  Establish who's boss... If you don't,he will.
By all means, be his friend, but be firm..... at all times.


He hates being bored and you'll soon know when he is.  Keep him occupied and keep him exercised.  Above all he needs company at all cost, either human or canine, and will be miserable without it. Wherever the pack is, that's where he's heading.  And if you're the pack that no doubt means inside on the settee infront of the TV.   How adorable !


He is an escape artist and a tireless adventurer.  Don't leave the garden gate open.  Do keep him in a secure area. It's nothing personal but, once on a mission, it is unlikely your hairy hunter will ever return home !  And remember, if he can't get over the boundary (Peter can jump a 6-foot fence with little effort) he'll try his damned hardest to go under it.   This leads us nicely on to ...


He's a digger dog.  Don't get upset if your beautifully cut lawn looks like it's been visited by UFOs.   It was just one of those Unavoidable Foraging Occasions.


He leaves stuff around, like his fur, and when he sheds, he sheds A LOT!  Twice a year or more he'll literally "blow" his coat. This takes shedding to a whole new level.


He can live for 12 to 15 years. Maybe longer. Excellent !  if you can hack it that long with an oversized infant ?

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